The big vision and mission of 3DlexiaCosmos NPO

Our vision to elevate Humanistic, Holistic and Education for sustainable development from Greece, spreading it to the entire World, as the principal means of leverage for the existing general national and international crisis we are experiencing, led to the design of a wealth of Actions-Aims of 3DlexiaCosmos, which address students, educators and citizens of Greece and the international community. Our main aim is to awaken, internally empower, encourage, and cultivate indepth the human virtues, spirit, knowledge and innovative thinking of students, educators and citizens, so they may hope to attain their personal fulfillment, thus actively contributing to the sustainable development of Greece and viability worldwide, as useful, able, balanced and conscientious citizens of the World.

As mentioned in Singleton, 2015, the lack of sustainability values and the anthropogenic environmental paradigm of western culture are evidence by the large ecological footprint of developed nations; therefore, education for sustainability is necessarily transformative. The goal of education for sustainability in 3DlexiaCosmos is to transform the environmental perspectives and worldviews of the learners from perceiving the environment as a commodity to a community, from consumer to conserver, from short term reactor to long term evaluator. This social-emancipatory view of transformative learning fosters conscientiazation among participants through critical reflection for the purpose of creating a more equitable world (Singleton, 2015).

Love and Peace and a sense of connection or belonging are foundational and the key toward development of sustainability values and behaviors (Mayers & Franz, 2004), as emotions determine what we pay attention to, what we value, and how we make judgements and decisions. Emotions are the reasons for actions and change because emotions are the context for interpreting and responding to experience. Therefore, the cultivation of a virtuous loving character in the 3DlexiaCosmos School of Love and Life is critical in fueling the passion that motivates transformation in ecological educational paradigms.

In the true spirit of Adamantios Korais’, the 19th c. Greek scholar’s: ‘A State base that is not based on education, appears to be built on sand’, and Aristotle’s’: “Educating the mind without the heart, is no education at all’, 3DlexiaCosmos aims to remind and prove that it is Man’s responsibility to mold history in the best possible way, primarily through a Humanistic Education of Virtue, high ideals and deep knowledge which harmoniously develop, as an entity, all three dimensions (3D) of Man: the Mind (head brain), the Spirit (heart brain) and the Body (gut brain), for the common good.

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