1/1/21 to 30/9/21 ‘MIND THE HEART of Dyslexia’ Project

1/1/21 to 30/9/21 ‘MIND THE HEART of Dyslexia’ Project: 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO funded by ‘Hellenic Hope’ NGO through the Program ‘Points of Support’ by Bodossaki Foundation, Organizes Workshops for Greek Students with Dyslexia, to be empowered by being exposed to experiential activities that build awareness on the Power of the Brain of Dyslexia & famous dyslexics’ achievements, leading to a higher self-esteem for a stigma free, happier life for all kids at risk. The workshops are given in the English language so as Greek students can build English as a foreign, GLOBAL language skills in a natural, stress free way, also tackling the huge challenge of EFL and Dyslexia. Students, inspired by famous Dyslexics like J.F.Kennedy, Richard Brandson, Jamie Oliver, Bill Gates, Tomas Edison, Picasso, Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Jennifer Aniston, Costas Varotsos etc, create their own Pieces of ART, to compose with them a Mystery Story that Agatha Christy (who also had Dyslexia) would have thought, to spread awareness to the Public on the Genius of the brain Dyslexia and its value to society. Who is the murder? Who had been killed? What can we do to stop the crime? Follow us on this HEART & MIND adventure and help the world LOVE DYSLEXIA, celebrate neurodiversity & Empower Equity in Education for all!

Research shows that 1 in every 5 people has a type of dyslexia ( International Dyslexia Association) & although the advantages of the brain of dyslexia move humanity forward, 50% of Prisoners are dyslexics, most of them completely illiterate having failed at school, with dyslexics at higher risk of suicide. ‘Mind the HEART of Dyslexia’ Project: a Mystery Story inspired by the dyslexic Agatha Christy, supports Goal4 of the UN SDGs, through the SOS4Love Project on SDGs of 3Dlexia Cosmos, launched in the United Nations Geneva Peace Week by Students with Dyslexia, fighting for Equity in education for all.