Description of 3DlexiaCosmos actions 

1) Action axis 6: Establishment of 2 virtual classrooms within refugee educational facilities in Greece,
equipped with interactive boards, computers, tablets with literacy tools, projectors, books and e-books in collaboration with the educational organization ‘i love dyslexia’, through events organized by ‘i love dyslexia’ under the auspices of the Greek National Committee for UNESCO, the support of 3DlexiaCosmos and the sponsoring of technological equipment by Express Publishing House. The actions of both organizations will be presented at the UN Building in Geneva on 8/11/16, during Peace Week Geneva, in collaboration with the HASPc organization.

2) Action axis 6: empowerment activities program in Greek and English as a foreign language for children in refugee camps in Samos, at the invitation of the Mayor of Samos, in December 2015.

3) Action axis 6: volunteer participation in teacher training program for English language teachers from Greece teaching in refugee camps and classes, in collaboration with the American Embassy in Greece and the educational organization ‘i love dyslexia’ foreign language school. ‘i love dyslexia’ organization’s literacy tools for the English language, prepared plans for differentiated teaching with subject matter based on Syrian history and the refugee issue, authentic drama study tool for the smooth psychosocial integration of refugees ‘Aristotle the Refugee’ and experiential practice in English will be distributed to all participant teachers and EFL school counselors.

4) Action axis 1: About 100 students taught with the participation of teachers in a holistic 3DlexiaCosmos program HolisticWorkshops4 Schools at Athens Science Festival, emphasizing the use of augmented reality technology in harmony with nature, in both English and Greek language

5) Action Axis 5: First level 2-hour training of the first group of teachers in a holistic teaching program by 3DlexiaCosmos at Athens Science Festival

6) Action Axis 8: 5 talks at various locations in Greece (Thessaloniki, Crete, Athens) with the participation of about 1000 people in total, on the topic of ‘The 10 Steps of Educational Leadership that Can Change the World’

7) Action axis 8: Collaboration with AIESEC International for youth empowerment programs

8) Axis of the basic 3DlexiaCosmos design base: Preparation and formation of a MasterMind group of educators from all over Greece and the formation of a management and administrative team of 3DlexiaCosmos for the design and implementation of 3DlexiaCosmos educational programs and services.

9) Purchase of 3DlexiaCosmos domain names and registration of logo and trademark, establishment of a legal entity with physical headquarters in Halandri, Athens – Greece

10) 08/11/2016 – Speech at the Palais de Nations, United Nations-Geneva during the Peace Week 2016 at the Scientific event: “Educating for Peace” organised by Hellenic Association of Political Scientists-HAPSc. Aggeliki Pappa as an honorary member of HAPSc and founder of 3DlexiaCosmos presents her educational work close to refugees and vulnerable populations supporting equity in education for All. Speech title: “Education for Peace in the World”

11) 2016-17 Regional Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete & English School Advisor, Eleni Poulla. A yearlong volunteer project in Greek public school implementing global citizenship holistic education based on the innovative 3Dlexia Paradigm designed by Aggeliki Pappa, supporting ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ and the 17 goals for sustainable development

12) 07/11/2017-3DlexiaCosmos NPO and Biopolitics International Organisation Event ‘Pursuing Global Citizenship through Education for Peace’ in the United Nations-Geneva Peace Week 2017, launching #SOS4LoveProject on a global level

13) 15/01/2018-1st cycle of the #SOS4LoveProject connecting 22.000 from 58 countries and all continents through actions on all of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development highlighting the urgency for #Pedagogy4Love 

14) 21/04/2018 Presentation of the #SOS4LoveProject at the 2nd Panhellenic Conference ‘Education and Culture: Relations and perspectives’ organised by the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete in collaboration with the Region of Crete and the Municipality of Heraklion

15) 22/04/2018 Presentation of the #SOS4LoveProject by volunteers of 3DlexiaCosmos NPO and students and teacher of ‘i love dyslexia’ EFL School at Elpidos 2030’ event supporting the SDGs, coordinated by the Hellenic Platform for Development, ActionAid and the Victoria Square Project