3DlexiaCosmos Actions-Photo Albums

Mind The Heart Of Dyslexia Workshops at EMST Museum

Official Protocols of Agreement for the Yidan Prize and Global Teacher Prize Nominations for the Implementation of Ms Pappa’s Methods in Argentina and in Russia

Edu-Humanitarian Aid of 3Dlexia Cosmos & ” i love dyslexia” EFL School during Covid -19 to the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina

ILD students’ event on International Mother Language Day under the auspices of UNESCO sponsoring the 1st digital classroom in Eleonas Refugee Camp under the scope of #SOS4LoveProject on a local level

3Dlexia Cosmos Honorary Collaboration with UNESCO, Paris for a Futures Literacy Laboratory

3Dlexia Cosmos Event in the UN Geneva Peace Week 2020

The Campaign of the Student Marios Thomeas to support marginalized students with Dyslexia and SEN

3Dlexia Cosmos Volunteer Work in Bali

SOS4Love Project Ambassadors Winners of the CHARLEMAGNE YOUTH PRIZE GREECE 2021

Aggeliki Pappa in WAR ZONE & Schools in SDEROT, Israel,1 Kilometer from GAZA, for SOS4Love Project

Mind The Heart of Dyslexia Project funded by Hellenic Hope & Bodossaki Foundation

Presenting the #SOS4LoveProject at the 2nd Panhellenic Conference ‘Education and Culture: Relations and perspectives’

Presenting the #S0S4LoveProject at the ‘Elpidos 2030’ event supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals-United Nations

3DlexiaCosmos & Biopolitics International Organisation Event in United Nations-Geneva Peace Week 2017, launching the #SOS4LoveProject

#SOS4LoveProject: 22000 Students globally Organise Solutions 4Love & Peace facilitated by their teachers acting on the SDGs of the UN

Implementing global citizenship education in Greek public schools

Presenting ILD students’ video on their play ‘Aristotle the Refugee’ in the UN-Geneva Peace Week 2016 supporting the “WePlay4ABag” Action for #SOS4LoveProject

Collaboration with AIESEC Greece

3Dlexia Paradigm in Athens Science Festival

HolisticWorkshops4 Schools at Athens Science Festival

Collaboration with the American Embassy in Greece supporting refugees’ education

Activities in Greek and English as a foreign language for children in refugee camps in Samos

“MIND THE HEART of Dyslexia” Humanitarian Event by 3Dlexia Cosmos

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