Design base of the key aims – initiatives of 3DlexiaCosmos

The formation of a MasterMind-ThinkTank group of educators and specialists, from Greece and abroad: this will be the formation and development of the core group of 3DlexiaCosmos, consisting of top educators from Greece and abroad of all specializations (language teachers, special educators, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, art teachers, drama specialists, IT educators, etc.) as well as experts in innovative specializations (yoga for classroom specialists, ‘mindfulness’ trainers, motivators, psychologists for the implementation of programmes developing emotional intelligence, life coaching, neuroscientists, etc, who will develop and supervise the innovative educational initiatives-workshops of 3DlexiaCosmos.

The development of innovative edu-workshops at the premises of ‘3Dlexia Cosmos’ Athens, both indoor and outdoor natural spaces, of high aesthetics and unique architectural and interior design, recognizing the importance of appropriate context for optimum results of any educational intervention. This is where our educational events-workshops will be held, for teacher training of different topics (language, maths, art, physics, chemistry, history, biology, etc), in addition to independent innovative programs for the personal development of both educators and the general public. Within the innovative workshops of 3DlexiaCosmos, the different learning fields-subjects will be taught through central Topics – ‘Big Ideas-Broader Topics’ – applying an interdisciplinary approach. The aim is for the newly acquired knowledge to be directly applicable, in a holistic manner, to the skills, virtues and abilities students need in their lives in the 21st century.

Such an approach requires a close creative collaboration between educators and specialists from different fields, envisioning the transformation of learning into a deep, inspiring experience, full of meaning for the life of every student. Thus, educational reforms and new practices will be promoted at a global level, transforming the world into a better place for All.

The educational reformers of 3DlexiaCosmos, replace the typical ‘study programs’ with organic, personalized “Holistic Life Plans” for every participant in the course programme cycles which are developed and adapted to the life and needs of every person in a natural and holistic manner. These workshop cycles will draw elements from the teaching objectives of the curricula and syllabi of the Greek Ministry of Education for primary and secondary education; the aim is for students and teachers, through their involvement in ‘3DlexiaCosmos’ programs, to absorb all new knowledge in such a way that their Whole Being is cultivated, at the same time empowering in-depth knowledge, high ideals and life skills.

Students can attend the workshops at the innovative premises of 3Dlexia Cosmos in Athens, either in the mornings through school visits, or with the daily attendance of students accompanied by parents, and also on individual visits or monthly, quarterly or annual programs through school visits in the company of teachers, or off school hours in the company of their guardians. Programs for the general public will be conducted both in the mornings and afternoons.

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