Core axes of actions

The 11 core axes of actions of 3DlexiaCosmos may be analysed as follows:

The Actions will be mainly held in the indoor and outdoor premises of 3DlexiaCosmos in collaboration with other independent institutions and organizations, but also in other external contexts. All Actions are adapted to the 3Dlexia Holistic Method and aim to cultivate virtue and experiential learning of students, educators, citizens for a world of love, peace, prosperity and growth. All classes will be taught in Greek and English with the aim of having a positive influence and bringing change to culture and the way of thinking of people worldwide, for a better world.

1)‘3Dlexia’ HolisticWorkshops4Schools
Innovative educational, interdisciplinary programs with ‘concrete’ objectives and initial design for students (primary and secondary level) with the holistic 3Dlexia approach, with elements from the curricula of typical primary and secondary schooling, in both Greek and English. The programs aim to not only provide in-depth acquisition of new knowledge but also to cultivate the 11 aims of holistic pedagogy of 3Dlexia as mentioned above and influence education systems all over the world with a view to improving them

2)‘3Dlexia’ HolisticLessons4Life
Innovative educational programs for students’, educators’ and citizens’ personality
development, such as:
a) Involvement in real-world projects to develop problem-solving abilities and
connect students-teachers-citizens with the society / cooperative education
b) Self-directed activities where learners – gain knowledge by themselves in a
data-driven world
c) Philosophy as a tool for personal fulfillment and growth
d) Educational, vocational and citizenship-building programmes
e) The pathway to mature Love
f) Comprehending and training the whole brain
g) Meditation and mindfulness as tools for concentration and empowerment
h) Metaphysics in Aristotle: the unknown energy-endelecheia- around us

3)‘3Dlexia’ AgoraCosmos4All
The establishment of a Philosophy, MindShift and LifeCoaching Hub for all adult
citizens from Greece and abroad, with the purpose of providing classes for the
cultivation of different ways of thinking through ancient Greek philosophy, neuroscience
and NLP, for fulfillment and success in life, for the benefit of all.

4)The Creation of mobile 3DlexiaCosmos OnTheGo-Labs by groups of 3DlexiaCosmos MasterTeachers who will implement the programs in schools all over Greece and the world supporting mobility between countries

5)Experiential 3DlexiaCosmos 4TeachersWorkshops (Educate the Educators)
for a variety of specializations by the teacher training groups of 3DlexiaCosmos, based on the holistic method and philosophy of 3DlexiaCosmos, including both theoretical and practical training, distribution of materials and examples of implementation of programs in ordinary school classrooms, envisioning the growth of educational prototypes for the cultivation of virtuous education for peace and sustainability worldwide. The various training programs will take place both in the physical premises of 3DlexiaCosmos, as well as online, and will be held in Greek and English.

6)Support and access to education programs and actions for refugees and vulnerable populations, through the establishment of virtual and digital classrooms, special education training for children and teachers, dissemination of materials for smooth integration, the teaching to refugees of English as a
foreign language. UNESCO agenda 2030), etc.

7)A 3DlexiaCosmos Synergy Department (cross executing/ evolution with cross sector dimensions) including educational and academic establishments, Ministries of Education, private and public educational organizations, museums, NGOs as well as institutions of informal and non-typical education in Greece and abroad participating in research programs and edu-actions, with the aim of disseminating and expanding the work, the philosophy and the vision of 3DlexiaCosmos for a better world through interdisciplinary creative thinking and acting education-processes.

8)Organization of conferences and training courses on leadership in education and the empowerment of youth and educators, Festivals and competitions of distinction for the promotion of best practices along the axes of work and culture of 3DlexiaCosmos, in addition to sponsoring of technological
equipment and libraries for educators and schools that present exemplary work

9)The development of 3DlexiaCosmos Campaigns and actions for encouragement and awareness-raising of citizens in Greece and abroad, about the importance of holistic, quality education as a means of exiting the crisis and the world’s sustainable growth

10)The development of 3DlexiaInovAct actions, for the cultivation, development and encouragement of citizens’ activation and engagement with innovation, volunteerism and social entrepreneurship 

11)Activation through social media and 3DlexiaCosmos website of online Personal Development 3DlexiaCosmos for the dissemination through technology of the philosophy, programs and work of 3DlexiaCosmos

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