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Futures Literacy Laboratory Paris/3Dlexia Cosmos

UNESCO PARIS: Futures Literacy Laboratory for Transformative Pedagogy UNESCO, Paris: Hononary Collaboration with UNESCO Paris, Futures Literacy Laboratory (FLL) Department for the creation of an FLL with 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO and ‘i love dyslexia’ EFL school on Transformative Quantum Pedagogy for Inclusion, Peace and Sustainability, based on the 3Dlexia Paradigm by Aggeliki Pappa, endorsed by […]

SOS4Love Project

SOS4Love Project on SDGs, Launched in the United Nations Geneva Peace Week 2017 by Ms. Pappa’s Students with Dyslexia through 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO Event www.sos4loveproject.org   SOS4Love Project Ambassadors Team from “i love dyslexia” EFL-School students with Dyslexia, SEN and mobility impairment Winners of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize, Greece 2021 announced by the European Parliament and […]

Εvent-Geneva Peace Week 2017, UN

Geneva Peace Week 2017, UN 3DlexiaCosmos NGO is honoured to announce Biopolitics International Organisation and 3DlexiaCosmos event in United Nations, Geneva Peace Week 2017 Title: Pursuing Global Citizenship through Education for Peace Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 10:45-12:00 Palais de Nations, Building A, Geneva, Switzerland As a visionary and pioneer in the promotion of education for peace […]

3Dlexia Cosmos UN EVENTS

Geneva Peace Week 2020, UN 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO has the pleasure and honor to invite you to watch  the upcoming 3Dlexia Cosmos on-line, live Event from the United Nations Geneva Peace Week 2020 06/11/20 at 11:30 Geneva Time (stay tuned for link details). The Event is Co-Organized with the Ministry of Education of Tucuman, Argentina […]

Older Press Releases

Press Release 26.11.21 Mind the Heart of Dyslexia 3Dlexia Cosmos Event Press Release 19.4.21 The SOS4Love Project Ambassadors Winners of Greece for the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2021 Press Release 14.4.21 Aggeliki Pappa is the 1st Nominee from Greece for the World’s biggest Educational Award, the YIDAN PRIZE(Greek) Press Release 14.4.21 Aggeliki Pappa is the […]

Digital Product της 3Dlexia Cosmos στον ΟΗΕ σε συνεργασία με Αστροναύτη της ΝΑSA!

Digital Product της 3Dlexia Cosmos στον ΟΗΕ σε συνεργασία με Αστροναύτη της ΝΑSA! Η Πρόεδρος της 3Dlexia Cosmos κα. Παππά, Yποψήφια Πολίτης Αστροναύτης στην 1η Oμάδα των 500 Πολίτων Αστροναυτών στην Iστορία της Ανθρωπότητας για ένα ταξίδι στο Διάστημα για ανθρωπιστικούς λόγους από τον Oργανισμό ‘Space for Humanity’ USA, συνεργάζεται με την πρώην Αστροναύτη της NASA και εκπαιδευτικό τάξης Dorothy Metcalf Lindenburger για τη δημιουργία […]

ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ 3Dlexia Cosmos 14/10/20

  Ανακοίνωση & Πρόσκληση στο LIVE ΟnLine Event της 3Dlexia Cosmos AMKE στον Οργανισμό Ηνωμένων Εθνών UN, Geneva Peace Week 2020 Η 3Dlexia Cosmos ΑΜΚΕ (www.3DlexiaCosmos.com)με Πρόεδρο τη βραβευμένη παγκοσμίως Ελληνίδα Εκπαιδευτικό  Αγγελική Παππά, έχει την τιμή να Aνακοινώσει και να Προσκαλέσει το Ελληνικό και Διεθνές κοινό, στο Παγκόσμιο Live On-Line Event που διοργανώνει στα πλαίσια της Εβδομάδας Ειρήνης στον Κόσμο […]

30-31/10/2021 “MIND THE HEART of Dyslexia” Humanitarian Event by 3Dlexia Cosmos at Serafio Building, Athens Municipality, Greece

30-31/10/2021 “MIND THE HEART of Dyslexia” Humanitarian Event by 3Dlexia Cosmos at Serafio Building, Athens Municipality, Greece: 1st Experiential Event in Greece aiming at raising public awareness on the charismatic brain of dyslexia in an imaginative way & award ceremony for the National Winners of the Charlemagne Youth Prize 2021, the students with dyslexia and […]

June 2021 ‘MIND THE HEART Of Dyslexia’ Workshops at EMST Museum!

June 2021 ‘MIND THE HEART Of Dyslexia’ Workshops at EMST Museum! The art of museum  became a mystery story full of clues about who/what  kills dyslexia and how we can stop the murder of this genius brain. Students discovered the clues and expressed their emotions about the project, dyslexia and ….their findings after discovering all clues about […]