The ‘genesis’ of 3DlexiaCosmos NPO

3DlexiaCosmos, a non-profit organization for Holistic Education based in Athens, Greece was designed at a time when Greece’s values, education and economy are falling apart, while the world around is in limbo in the whirlwind and the dead-end of the refugee issue, serious political and social challenges internationally, the threat to world peace and democracy.

Conditions with a backdrop of lies, passivity, disempowerment of citizens, the loss of valuable human resources through emigration, confusion, ignorance, fear, terrorism, fierce competition, individualism and injustice. At a time when humanity’s thinking worldwide appears chaotic and without a sound base, principles or ethics, when human pain and suffering have grown out of all proportions, we recognize as a root cause of all the year-long lack of quality education in Greece and worldwide, and the unbelievably provocative manner in which humanitarian studies tend to be abolished, as a sacrifice to technocratic education.

This is the education characterized by an accumulation of information without depth and the pointless pursuit of the acquisition of certificates and degrees at any cost. Within the grim daily reality of Western Civilization and humankind worldwide, Greece may appear to have lost its bearings but it has NOT lost its missionary character. It is a mission expressed through the responsibility for expanding new spiritual horizons, having inherited the eternal dissemination of the greatest spiritual values ever expressed in the history of humanity. The greatest human values to have ever been expressed through the ancient Greek philosophers, were never exclusively owned by a small number of people but were common property of the World.

It is this silent but powerful influence of the ideals of ancient Greek heritage that, through their own value, fuel the vision and mission of 3DlexiaCosmos; ideals that have been unanimously accepted by everyone, because they satisfy the deep and restless desire of human nature for higher things. Intrinsic to this way of thinking is the acceptance that education, as cultivated and defined by 3DlexiaCosmos, is the process of supporting every human being to discover their uniqueness through their diversity, to assist them in developing it and then to show them how to share it for the benefit of the world, because that is the sole reason we were endowed with this gift.

In this line, the design of 3DlexiaCosmos programs supports the principles of the Incheon Declaration & Framework for Action towards inclusive and equitable quality education for All, according to Education 2030 by UNESCO. Finally, 3DlexiaCosmos aims to highlight/promote the importance of the power of Love in defining human behavior and personality, its positive impact in the development of our biological, social, mental and moral development and its defining influence on the course of the history of humankind (Buscaglia).

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