SOS4Love Project

SOS4Love Project on SDGs, Launched in the United Nations Geneva Peace Week 2017 by Ms. Pappa’s Students with Dyslexia through 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO Event


SOS4Love Project Ambassadors Team from “i love dyslexia” EFL-School students with Dyslexia, SEN and mobility impairment Winners of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize, Greece 2021 announced by the European Parliament and the International Charlemagne Academy.

The Winners will travel with their Co-odinator Ms. Aggeliki Papa to Aachen, Germany on May 2021 to compete on the European level on Charlemagne Youth Prize.


Please, Click on the Link below to Download and Watch the Animated PowerPoint Presentation of SOS4Love Project. To animate the PowerPoint, go to Slide Show full screen & click on the arrows of the keyboard or use the mouse to move the animated slides. You can also click on the active links found in the power point to discover more info! Enjoy! 

Animated SOS4Love Project PowerPoint Presentation

SOS4Love Project PowerPoint Presentation


SOS4Love Project AMBASSADORS! THE TIME HAS COME! 5/10/20 WE are READY the SKYROCKET MISSION 4 of the #SOS4LoveProject, That will be Presented in the United Nations! SIGN UP at 

Read The HOME page & Follow the STEP by STEP SOS4Love under, to start organizing your action. Download & Print the #HOUSTONProblemSolved Poster In English Participating in World Space Week! Share it with your students, and after reading page 1, Scan the QRs page 2 to ‘Discover’ How Satellites & Space Tech can be used in your students’ actions on SDGs for a sustainable Earth! ALSO, Download the ‘SOS4love Goes To Space SDGs’ free app, & follow the steps to print and e mail the Augmented Reality Astronauts’ SDGs Messages to us, so we can sent them to space!  Email us your photos, video, actions and Receive Students’ & Teachers’ Certificates with UN logos, as well as a Space Surprise! HIGHLIGHT: You may see your photos in the UN LIVE on 6/11/20 11:30 Geneva Time in 3DlexiaCosmos Event with the support of The Minster of Education of Tucuman Argentina Dr. Juan Pablo Lichtmajer and Biopolitics International Organization – BIO! TOGETHER, WE TRANSFORM EARTH, LOOKING at The STARS, with the Power of the YOUTH, the LEADERS of the HEART!

Global Challenges /Facts :

  1. Significant acceleration of Nuclear War threat in 2017
  2. Global Financial Crisis due to inequalities in growth opportunities
  3. Only four out of over 135 nations have achieved Gender Equality
  4. 480.000 total death count in Syria (2017 death count 7.203)
  5. 795 million people, 1 in 9 people in the world, suffer from Hunger
  6. By 2050, 9 billion people must be fed, demanding 60% More Food
  7. Serious challenges in Global Health care treat for pandemics to NCDs
  8. 264 million children and youth do not acquire Basic Education
  9. Compelling evidence of rapid Climate Change threats life on earth
  10. 200 million people Unemployed Globally

Despite all efforts, there is evidence that our current social, political and economic systems are exacerbating these challenges rather that reducing them.

What is the risk if we fail to reach solutions by 2030, supporting the agenda for UN sustainable development?  The world needs to address these challenges NOW and YOUTH, the generation of hope and change must be encouraged and facilitated to undertake their role actively in shaping the future guided by the power that transforms everything. The power of compassionate LOVE.

The Solution- Holistic Pedagogy for the 21st century: The Powerful Vehicle to Change the World 

Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning and purpose in life through connections to community, the natural world, and to values such as compassionate love, peace and human rights.  It is education for meaning and social justice, placing human values within the learning environment, cultivating heart, mind and life skills for the 21st century. It goes beyond the narrow definition of todays formal education based on facts acquisition, mechanical learning and unreliable, standardized assessments and tests. Holistic education aims at offering transformative results, as it changes ones’ thoughts and approaches in life, enabling people to consciously define the meaning of each experience (Mezirow, 1997). It is learning that transforms problematic sets of fixed assumptions and expectations, broadening mindsets to make them more inclusive, reflective and emotionally able to change (Mezirow, 2003) It is this kind of pedagogy that reflects the most powerful solution to all global challenges, re-inventing future for the world we deserve.

Love as Pedagogy for the 21st century

Consider for a moment that the need for connection to the concept of love, is the one most singular factor that every human on this planet has in common. However, pinning love down to something tangible remains a challenge. Questions like what is love, what place does it have in teaching environments and how do we implement love as pedagogy are questions to be addressed. As the notion of love has been misused and sadly has been placed next to scandals of abuse, we ought to be encouraged to make finer distinctions to cultivate healthy, luminous forms love and transform the world. In this line, we define love in pedagogy as the cultivation of qualities such as kindness and empathy, bonding for emotional intelligence growth, forgiveness, compassion and enthusiasm for actions towards self empowerment, peace, sustainability, prosperity and harmony in the world for all.

Goal- SOS4LOVE project: Students Organize Solutions 4Love and Peace in the World

For the last 5 years SOS4Love project is the way that a group of students in ‘i love dyslexia’ EFL school, Athens, Greece, have ‘invented’ to implement love, turning it from a vague idea into tangible actions-solutions for the benefit of all. As SOS stands for Students Organize Solutions, ILD students have managed on a local and national level to organize actions-solutions that have provided food for hundreds of people in need as well as education opportunities for refugees and marginalized students, working hard on creating events and theatrical plays that ended up to sponsor digital classrooms in refugees’ camps and so much more. SOS4Love Project IMPACT Factor: 610.000 students, 60.200 teachers, 5374 schools, 65 countries from 5 continents. Expanding on a global level facilitated by their teachers and 3DlexiaCosmos NGO, ILD students sent their representative to the United Nations Geneva Peace Week 2017, to personally invite through SOS4Love Project students from all over the world to connect, in order to share the ways they organize their ideas and tangible actions that contribute to any kind of relief and solution for global challenges. Educators grow love through pedagogy by cultivating the qualities that underpin it in themselves, then modeling them for students to learn and use in real life. Through SOS4Love project, teachers-facilitators in any learning context are welcome to inspire and empower their students to undertake responsibility for any global challenge, preparing able and emotionally intelligent global citizens that are the Change they want to see in the world.

How To Connect- SOS4Love project Global: Be the Solution You Want to See in the World

SOS4Love project on global scale will be launched in the last week of January 2018, spreading the power of love in pedagogy for the year 2018 on a worldwide level. In the length of 4 weeks, students and educators in all range of K-12 will be guided to present in English language actions that have already implemented or have just initiated, with the intention to be part of a solution in any kind of global challenge, while highlighting the importance of love in holistic pedagogy for the 21st century as a crucial factor to change the world, addressing the Agenda 2030 of UN.
To find out all info and sign up for SOS4Love Project students and teachers please visit and be the change you want to see in the world!

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Let’s all connect globally and inspire Students to Organise Solutions with the transformative power of Love in Pedagogy, to build Peace and Sustainability in the world.

Stay tuned for more details on SOS4Love project soon!