Futures Literacy Laboratory Paris/3Dlexia Cosmos

UNESCO PARIS: Futures Literacy Laboratory for Transformative Pedagogy

UNESCO, Paris: Hononary Collaboration with UNESCO Paris,
Futures Literacy Laboratory (FLL) Department for the creation of an FLL with 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO and ‘i love dyslexia’ EFL school on Transformative Quantum Pedagogy for Inclusion, Peace and Sustainability, based on the 3Dlexia Paradigm by Aggeliki Pappa, endorsed by UNESCO Paris FLLs.

Leading Director by UNESCO Paris Riel Miller & Ms. Aggeliki Pappa, Greece

On-Line, launched 3/2021

From Planetary Crisis to the Emergency of Planetary Education:
Transforming the World with a Futuristic,
Consciousness based, Inclusive Paradigm Shift in Pedagogy,
Cultivating a Generation of ‘Futures Literate’ Educators & Youth
for PEACE & Sustainability in the 21st Century

In the ‘Futures Literacy Laboratory for Transformative Pedagogy of Higher Love for a New Earth of Peace, Sustainability & Prosperity for All’ co-organized with UNESCO Paris and the Local Champions from Greece 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO and ‘I love dyslexia’ EFL school, a Board of Diverse Experts & Scientists with Head Coordinator Ms. Aggeliki Pappa, Founder/President of 3Dlexia Cosmos NGO and ‘I love dyslexia’ EFL school in Athens, Greece, will focus on the expansion of the emergency for a new Paradigm in Pedagogy rooted in the philosophical, social interpretations of quantum physics laws, cosmology & neuroscience, that have the potential to create an ecumenical, global model of disrupting teaching grounded in ecology, future thinking, sustainability, wisdom, moral values, compassion, consciousness development, deep self-awareness, creativity, complexity and high aesthetics. Specific reference and concrete examples in EFL curriculum application will be presented, connecting theory to practice, through the transformative and holistic 3Dlexia Paradigm by Prof. Aggeliki Pappa, already applied in different educational settings in Greece and other countries like Argentina with transformative results for the students, cultivating a cognitive shift to teachers and students by expanding consciousness with heart coherence for new Earth of Peace, Sustainability, Prosperity & Higher LOVE.

3Dlexia Paradigm re-emphasizes the ‘Epistemology of Love’ in Education for the 21st century (Zajonc, 2006) and pedagogy of ‘universal love’ (Nava, 2001), combining the Triune of Science, Technology and Art/ Heart, Head and Cosmos to develop skillful cosmic citizens, agents of change for the world we deserve. 3Dlexia Paradigm futuristic educational paradigm offers a concrete practical application of cosmology, QM, neuroscience & heart intelligence (HeartMath Institute) in main curriculum subjects and pedagogy. Its main influence is based on the assimilation of the quantum conception of Man into the cultural environment of the 21st century that produces a shift in values conductive to human survival (Stapp, 1989, 1995, 2017) presented in UNESCO Conference and the Agenda for Survival). The quantum, cosmic conception gives an enlarged sense of self as architect of the universe, being based on scientific evidence to all men, rather than arising from special historical situations and social groups, has the potential of providing a universal system of values suitable to all (Stapp,1989). With the diffusion of cosmology, neuroscience, heart intelligence and the quantum conception of Modern Man shifting to a holistic, consciousness based transformative Paradigm in Education for the 21st century, science will have finally fulfilled itself by adding to the material benefits it has already provided to Man: a philosophical basis for new Pedagogy for Peace and sustainability in the world for a luminous Future for all, of perhaps greater value.

The world will never go back to before the Pandemic time. Besides the huge challenges of the Pandemic on a global scale, there is now a once in a life time opportunity to take action & shift our Future through disrupting Global Education Paradigm for more Democracy, Solidarity & Inclusion. What is left, is to take collaborative action to create, pivot and shift the future of Pedagogy based on cutting edge ecumenical scientific understanding to create Education for a New Luminous Earth of Higher Love, starting NOW from all of those who are Futures Literate to make it happen.

Come & Join our Actions for a Luminous Future! To receive our updates, e mail ‘REQUEST for Updates on FLL on Transformative Education’ at info@3dlexiacosmos.com.

LINK of UNESCO Futures Literacy Laboratory

LINK OF OFFICIAL Agreement with the Ministry of Education Of Tucuman Argentina

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