October 2020-On Going Campaign Marios Thomeas

October 2020-On Going Campaign Marios Thomeas, Ms. Pappa’s student, initiated a National and Global Campaign pushing for educational reforms in Greece and the Government to collaborate with Ms Pappa to train on her method Public EFL-Teachers in order to support thousands of marginalized students with Dyslexia and SEN by elevating the skills of EFL-Teachers on a national level. Marios initiated his campaign in Avaaz.org and was cancelled by Avaaz.org. 3Dlexia Cosmos was notified about the cancellation of the campaign the day after Mario’s speech in the UN on 6/11/20. Marios continues his campaign through Change.org successfully. Additionally, Marios is demanding revaluation of the rejection of the SOS4Love Project by the Greek educational system and transparency throughout its evaluation.